So I was so tired yesterday that I pretty much bitched away my night and documented a good part of it in my previous post. I decided to do something about, thus a schedule was born. I wish I had e-mailed it to me so that I could’ve posted it on here. I think I’ll do that tomorrow at work. I dunno, I feel really good about it. I know things don’t always go according to plan, but seeing as how things have been very bleak for me lately, I anticipate that I will not have a hard time following it.

However, I can’t anticipate life’s curve balls, so I will really try my best to follow it. Overall though, I think it’s pretty balanced. There’s a good amount of me time for what I want to do, and plenty of time for studying outside of school. I had forgotten to incorporate my dogs on my first draft so I fitted them on there for the second one. After it was completed I felt pretty bad on how I’m not wit them as much as I would like, but I’m not counting certain times like when they’re inside just lounging and hanging out and I’m doing other things like watching a show or playing a game. That’s more like our living together time. I meant time for them like going for a walk or a jog or taking them to the park for a jog or the dog beach which they really enjoy. I can’t really take them to the beach anymore since the season has changed, and as for the walks, I’m not to eager to take them out for a long walk considering my neighborhood. Still, I would be walking with both of them so I do feel a little safer than say if I were by myself.

Also, there’s activity not just with the mutts, but I’ve incorporated gym time. Albeit, it’s hella early in the morning, but I really need to get my ass to the gym sometime during the week and the only way to incorporate actual fitness time was hella early before work. Going for a walk and or a jog with the dogs can be a workout, but it’s not a high intensity workout that my body needs to achieve some form of weight loss and change in definition. I really want to loose this excess fat I have around my mid-section and start working out my ass. I swear I feel like I’ve lost the plumpness of my ass!

I mentioned earlier something about watching a show or playing a game, and yes, I did incorporate such time in my schedule for just me. I have to be honest, I am selfish, and I need some me time. It’s hard because I really don’t have a lot of time in a day for much of anything. I’m literally squeezing gym time, dog time, study time, me time and some form of eating in there somewhere in 5 hours! How many of you can do that in a five day week and still have time to mange some form of sanity and negate the effects of “burning out”? Do keep in mind that I’m taking 3 classes worth 9 units total, and they’re not easy classes (Introduction to Counseling, U.S. History and Biopsycology)… It’s hard!

After yesterday I had to admit that I felt really overwhelmed. It would be great to just throw in the towel and drop my classes and lounge around, but where would that get me? I’m tired of being stuck in this limbo of not moving forward. I seriously need to just keep on trucking and if I fall down and get a bad grade on a quiz, oh well, work harder and keep on going and study for a better grade. At this point I have no other choice but to literally get A’s on all of my up coming projects and quizzes. I’m not a quitter and I really need to figure out how to successfully fight this battle.

I’ll try to upload or copy/paste my schedule up here tomorrow. At this point I’m violating my time because I should be in bed but oh well, as I said, I can’t predict everything. And although it’s not on the schedule, I’m wanting to get back to my writing (hence the resume of my blog). I always had a good rush of ideas and inspiration when writing so I’m hoping this will liven up my spirit.

I think having the schedule will definitely help me stay on track and keep me there. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t really have much time for anything and it should sit as a good reminder to stop trying to make other stuff happen.  I won’t delve into what “other stuff” means, but just know that whatever it is, I literally have no time for it.

In other news, I’ve been listening to Florence + The Machine and I have to say that I’ve found a new love in tunes. Love me the Florence + The Machine. So many good songs and I’m looking forward to the new album out in November! I had recently downloaded a bunch of new songs so I’ll just jot them down in the beginning. I used to do that with my journal entries in the past (my private journal entries, lol), where I would post at the top of my entry the current songs of the moment so I think I’m gonna start doing that with this too. Instead of starting my post wit the name of the songs and artist, I’m just gonna jot them down at the bottom of the post so that my thoughts don’t begin with music as a thought but rather an actually thought or struggle or however I might be feeling that particular day. I’ll just close with the song or songs of the moment. Perhaps then there might be a better understanding of how my brain is wired. Whatev! I’m tired so it’s time for mimi!

Song of the moment

Florence + The Machine: What the Water Gave Me, Swimming, Howl, Kiss With a Fist, Cosmic Love (and then some)
Metric: Black Sheep
Foster the People: Pumped Up Kicks
Paul Okenfold Feat. Etc.(?): Starry Eyed Suprise
J.Lo: On The Floor (this is my booty workout fitness song, lol)