Whoah, last night was interesting! Went out and had some drinks with the gang! Said, Gaby, Sonia and Ricky! We went to the bar then to the club! It was pretty fun!

Then, at the end of the night it got a little confrontational… Things were said which I won’t mention here.

I don’t know if the issues were resolved, but I don’t feel bad about last night. I think we all said a little something that was on our mind and that’s fine!

Anyways, Said was really hungry so he wanted to go to Denny’s! I was pretty hungry too, but I didn’t want to eat so late in the night! But in the end we ended up going! Ha ha, I had a Veggie Slamburger! So good! But I was pretty good though! As soon as it came, I ordered a box, cut it in half and put one half in the box along with half the fries. I ate the rest!

I didn’t wake up on time today and was awoken to my mom knocking on my door! Eeshk! I had totally slept in and slept through the alarm! My phone isn’t working so it’s FUCKING STUCK on vibrate mode! GRR! It’s pissing me off! I can’t wait to get my new phone!

But anyways, I felt really bad that my mom came all the way! It sucks that she was the more responsible one and she don’t even have to be there at PSW… I’ll need to pay her back for that one! I probably will tomorrow! I wanna go to Soupplantation so I’ll probably invite her to come along witht me!

Anyways, other than that, it’s all good! I’m gonna go for my run in a little bit, I think I’ll add another block today! We’ll see! I’m going with Kelly and Sara tonight, so that should be fun! Yay, finally I get to see their new place!

No pictures to show today… I could go on the interweb (lol) and go look for another one of Jonathon Waud (ha ha, you know I would have to mention him), but I’m pretty sure that I’ve posted plenty of pictures of him already!

Anyways, I’m gonna get my ass off my bed and start getting ready for my run! Workout time!

Oh yeah, I forgot to add… There’s this website, SparkPeople! One of my co-workers, Laura, introduced me to it back in 2006 I think! I did it then for a little bit, it’s a way to track your calories, health and fitness regimes, and weight and all that. It’s actually pretty helpful! Anyways, I hadn’t used it in a long time, since 2006, so I started using it again. I so want to get in shape by summer!

And, conveniently enough, there’s a group called Sweatsuit To Swimsuit Boot Camp team! They’re having a challenge contest where you have to log like 500 minutes of workout or something like that, and there’s prizes. $500 in prize, and iPod Shuffles… Pretty neat. It’s pretty good timing since I’m wanting to loose like 10 pounds or 5 by the end of May! Will I be able to do it! We’ll see!

Anyways, check out sparkpeople.com… Pretty neat!