OMG, I am so unbelievably tired! I went to bed early last night and everything, but I’m still tired! I even woke up all late! Grr!

My brain isn’t really functioning all that well right now, so i’m not going to write much!  All I want to do is get home and pass the fuck out! But not to the point where I’m going to be awake for the rest of the night!

I’m also frustrated because for some weird ass reason, a cosmic one I’m sure, my internet connection at home isn’t working! I had been using it fine all week long,  but then on Tuesday night I just lost it! I tried to connect to the wirless router yesterday, our modem is a wireless router, but I couldn’t! It wouldn’t let me… Something about the WEP key being incorrect, which is bull shit! Grr… I’m annoyed now!

And I want to eat on top of that, so I’m all sorts of cranky! Always something! Of course, it’s never easy! Grr! Five more hours to go!