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Omg, omg omg! The mistakes, or are they mistakes, that one makes when drunk! You know what! Whatever, I’m done with helpless worthelss feelings! I want to feel and know that it means something! I have no regrets for whatever I sent out! Let the storm come my way, I can bare it!

P.S: I lost my phone last night!


Just A Pic…

So I’m trying tthis whole “post a blog from your phone” thingy that wordpress offers! Pretty neat if you ask me! So why not include a pic!

This is the pic I snapped earlier today that I posted in my SparkPeople page! I think I look really young in this pic! I’ll try to post a pic from when I was really chunky, from back in 2005! Ha! Lets see if this works!


Starting Up The New Goal

I told myself that I want to have some noticeable weight loss by the end of May. Friday is the 1st of May, but I want to start this Monday so that I can start getting my ass in gear. I need to start eating healthier and start working out. I can’t loose weight if I don’t work out and I had been lazy in the past. But I’m working on changing that. Today and yesterday I went for a little jog/walk around my neighborhood. It was nice actually. As long as I have my music I am good to go.

I did 24 blocks the first time, and like 20 the second time which isn’t a lot and it was about 20 mins both times. I have gotten really bad with my running! I can’t hold my breath or my rate that long. I run out of breath really quickly and I tire! I think it’s because I haven’t been running in a while. Sucks! But I plan on doing it weekly! I want to do it five times or four times a week, depending on time allowance. So far, my schedule seems like it will allow Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I could probably do Tuesdays depending on how early I get out of work, but it’s not as likely since I have school!

I need to write this down on my paper journal instead… Which I think I will tomorrow! I’m going to take it to work….

Anyways, the other thing that I wanted to add was that I changed the background on my laptop, so it now has pictures of model Jonathon Waud. He is so cute. But aside from that I’m really inspired by him. Not only is he a pretty face, but he comes off as a nice guy on tv… Of course, things aren’t always what they seem, but so far his presentation has been pretty positive. But what I like more about him is his awareness of his health and fitness. He works out and eats healthy. So not only does he have a rockin’ body, but he works to keep that body up and maintains it very well! I saw a video of one of his workouts and I can see why he has a really nice body! That’s why I’m inspired by him, he is a hot guy, but he works out and keeps his body up. He’s in shape and not just naturally!

So, he’s on my desktop as background not just because he’s hot, but because I’m inspired by him. And I need a reminder for myself of what it is that I want to achieve! I want a reminder of what it is that I’m working towards and to be reminded of what I know I need to do in order to reach that goal. I set a goal of loosing 5 pounds by the end of May! I don’t think that’s such a bad goal, since I think it can be attainable if I work hard. But I have to work hard if I want to reach to that point! I know it’s not going to be easy to be strict, but I have to be if I want to loose my fat and have a leaner build! I want to be able to go running and run a marathon! I really want to go rock climbing again! So that’s what I’m working towards! That’s my goal, to be able to rock climb! I don’t know where to start but I have some ideas.

First thing first though, I have to get in shape and work on staying healthy! It’s a lot harder than it sounds! Especially since I just bought cookies and chocolate bars and cereal! Meh, a little treat won’t hurt! But it’s that kind of thinking that makes you fall off the wagon, so it’s time to be strict! Ay, it’s going to be a hard week! Tsk tsk! Wish me luck!


My New Desktop Wallpaper!

My New Desktop Wallpaper!

Here Comes The Sun…

Holy shit, I saw the sun rise this morning! I don’t think I’ve ever been up early enough to see the sun rise… Like actually see the fucking ball of fire rising in the horizon… Well, actually, as I’m currently learning in my Astronomy class, the earth is rotating as it orbits the sun… So really, I saw the earth rotate as it orbits the sun! AWESOME!

Ha ha… Yeah, I like my Astronomy class. For more reasons than 1. I actually do pay attention. To the teacher too! Ha ha! Oy, what’s wrong with me!

But yeah, I do like the class. I find myself looking towards the sky more often. Whenever we get to the park with Ricky, I always yell out, “Oh look it’s the MOON! How Beautiful!”


I’m caffeinated! Leave me alone!

But oy, it’s going to be a long day today. I get to have a meeting with my boss’ boss’ boss!!! Fun! I just have to turn in some additional paper work to her and see how everything is going! The anxiety of the wait is killing me! It makes me want to eat naughty foods!

Which, I’ve been really good about food this week! Nothing too crazy! As a matter of fact, I haven’t had Chinese food since like three weeks ago! It makes me sad. I walked by a Chinese food place yesterday and was sad that I just passed it by! Sigh! I want CHINESE FOOD!

But no, I’ve been good! I’ve been eating fucking cereal left and right though! It’s not because I’m poor! I’m actually doing ok with my finances… It’s just that I really like Coco Krispies!

So get this, I went to Vons with Ricky the other day to just buy some Veggie Patties, Milk, two boxes of Coco Krispies and that’s it… Ok, well, we walked by some chips, and they were on sale, 2 for $6… So I just bought one bag! But you can’t just buy chips and not buy dipping sauces! So I splurged: I bought one spicy bean dip, one cheese dip and salsa… Then onward we went. Got the milk and the patties.

I reahced the cereal isle, also known as “HELLS YEAH” isle, and lo and behold, Coco Krispies is on sale! So a box usually cost like $3 or$4 and some change, but on that particular day it was $2.99 each, so I was gonna get just 2 boxes! Well, Ricky noticed the “Buy 5 or more and save” tab… If you bought five boxes of Coco Krispies, each box would be $1.99 as opposed to the other price! So for four more dollars more I walked away with five boxes of COCO KRISPIES! HELLS YEAH!

Running last week went pretty well! We went on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday and Saturday! We were supposed to go on Sunday, but I was too hung over and tired to go! I just wanted to stay in bed all day! So I did!

I laid in bed almost all fucking day on Sunday! I only got out to get food and go to the toliet! But other than that, I was a lazy bum!

Ok, I showered and eventually got out towards later in the night… But that’s a whole other story… One that involves sex. HA HA! You get the picture!

Speaking of which, it’s always good to catch up with people! Nice to know what’s been going on with them and give a chance to clear up any off hand information! Ha ha! LOVES IT!

Anyways, I feel like I’m waiting for something exciting to happen! Geesh, I need to stop waiting and start taking more action. What’s the saying, “grab life by the horns…” or something like that! Horn! Whatever! The point is, I need to be more outgoing and start taking the initiative!

I always say that I’m a walking paradox, and I’m not even kidding, but it’s so true!

Ok, so for instance, this morning: There’s a guy… Eye contact has been made and adverted in the past. It’s one of those instances where we’ve noticed each other but never really spoken! I see said person every so often.

Today was a little different. Not only did I get to sit closer to said person, whose name I don’t know, but I totally saw a reaction.

Ok, so usually when I see… I’m just gonna call him J (I’m not even kidding, a lot of the people I’ve dated or hooked up with (mainly hooked up with) had names that began with the leter J!!). Anyways, whenever I see J I’m usually wearing regular clothes… Jeans, tennis shoes, regular tee, and my jacket… Today however, I decided to dress up! I have a meeting with the boss like I mentioned earlier, then I have something in Downtown and then I have school. So I figured, I’ll try to make an impression.

So I’m dressed all nicely! Pretty nicely actually, I like these pants, the make my ass look so much better different then when in jeans…

Anyways, I’m pretty sure (at least I hope I’m not imagining things) that I made an impression on J. Not only did I see him looking, at my ASSet, I felt his eyes as I was sitting, and I saw him looking in the reflection of the window! Ha ha!

But I didn’t do anything about it! I could’ve made eye contact, I could’ve smiled, I could’ve pseudo flirted or flirted… But no, I was too chicken shit to even glance over for more than 2 seconds! GRR! What is wrong with me! Do I really shut myself down so much! Am I that scared of commitment or whatever!  Ha Ha! OMG, that’s a whole other story!

But see, I’m not a shy person, but I am a shy person! It’s weird… I’m shy, but I’m outgoing! I don’t know how to flirt, but I can be very flirtatious. I can never tell when I’m flirting actually! Which sucks!

Ricky has told me that too! And I’m texting back and forth with Gaby about the topic and she said, “Bitch be oblivious!” OMG! HA HA!

I don’t know… I have a dorky way of flirting I guess. It’s easier to just conversate and go from there than an actual approach like Joey from Friends: “How you doin’?” Ough! I could never do that! Or use one of those cheesy lines like me and Said were making fun of the other day: “are you tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all day long!” HA HA!

Ok, enough about my lack of flirtation skills! I’m gonna go finish my coffee and get back to “work”! Tomorrow I’ll have another chance to not flirt with J and totally be oblivious to that fact that I can and could flirt with the guy! GRR!

Whatever, I have a date with a “client” tomorrow anyways so I’m covered! LMAO! OMG, what a whore! LOL!!!  No, it’s a pseudo date! Whatever… Ha ha!

So I just wrote a response to a newsblog article about a student in the City Times college newspaper that cried homophobia against our adivsor… Such bull… I can tell you for a fact our advisor is not homophobic, it’s just a long story that I’m not gonna get into… Anyways, to read the article and my response go read Zenger’s Associate Editor Challenges Homophobia at City College.


Ah Yes! The Booze is goode! Ha ha!

“What’s my age again” Who gives a fuck! Just go for it and get it over with! Ha ha!

What a WHORE!

Nah! It’s All Good Loves! I Loves It!

“Bring On The Tequila”

Ricky is missing his nipple ring! HA HA!!! What A Whore! LMAO!!!!

Man oh man, so many good things in just so little time… Where to even begin!

I won’t stick to specific topics on this one… I have so much going on right now, that I’m pretty much all over the place, which will reflect in my writing I guess!

Anyways, a lot of good things have been going on lately, some more exciting and good newsy than others, but I won’t elaborate… Ha ha, Louie give it, Louie take it away…

School has been going pretty well… Making new friends, eeshk! Ha ha… Yeah, no comment on that one. It’s best to just live it alone. I’ll reserve the conversations of making friends with Said. He knows what, or who, I’m talking about. Which brings me to his funny ass joke.

NOOO!!!!! Unfortunately, as I was going through my text message inbox, it has been deleted! Sigh! It was so fucking funny too! Something about someone’s milky way and my Aurora Borealis! Omg, classic! It was in refrence to my Astronomy class… Which is going awesome by the way… I bombed the first test, but I had missed a day of lecture and I had no idea we had to take a test when I got back the next week!

Anyways, school aside, my other projects are coming along swimingly! I’ve got a butt load of ideas… Ha, butt! But yeah, I was writting down a whole mess of stuff yesterday. I got a large flow in, ha, of ideas that I just had to write them down. It resulted in about 2 pages worht of material… Nice!

I’m needing to get cracking though on my other stuff. I have my going green article due at the end of the week and my Astronomy paper due tomorrow. I’m gonna work on that today though and turn it in when I get off from work so that I can just get that out of the way! I get off at 1 today! Whoo!

I’m still learning how to use this blog website, but so far I like it, so that’s good! I want to learn how to insert some pics on here so that I can make it a little more colorful! I know the peoples like to look at pretty pictures <inser pretty picture here> but I’m working on getting some!

Anyways, I’ve been debating with myself if I wanted to give something up for 40 days! I thought really hard about it… And I conluded that I don’t think I can, I don’t think I should, and I don’t really think I want to! I had initially considered giving up junk food, which that right there is sin enough for me, but I just couldn’t go without my cookies and chips and all that yummy goodness! Then I though, ok, why don’t I give up soda and juices! But as I got into work today I had two services of apple juice! So that idea went out the window! Then I said, why don’t I give up coffee! THE HELL I AM! I thought about that one for what felt like 2 seconds too long!

One of my classmates told me that he grew up going to catholic churches, and so that now instead of giving something up, he gives something away… Like volunteer crap or whatever. I wanted to do something for 40 days this year, but I’m too selfish to give anything up, so I’m defintely not going to volunteer! I guess I’ll just skip this whole 40 days thing until I feel more disciplined! BLEH!

Anyways, we went to the bar last night, me and Said, for some Mardi Gras celebration! You know, I figured it would be more exciting than just four people at the bar, which is kind of sad, but it wasn’t! It was pretty… Bleh! Got to see Jen though, which I haven’t seen in forever! Cracks me up!

The night itself was a crack up though! I mean, c’mon… Yellow Spandex Short shorts! Ugh! Spare me the effort! But yeah, it was an ok night! I was just too tired to really care to be there!

We went and got ourself some horny Mexican food to that Mexican food place where we always get made fun of by the cooks! Fucking cocky ass assholes! Ha ha! But the food is good, so we keep going back! And I’ve been going htere for like what feels like years now!

Anyways, I’ll write about my other more relevant important stuff later on in the week! For now I need to start writing my other crap!

P.S: I’m looking into tapping back into the Louie of old days! Only with a lot more control than before! Do I want too! Hmm! I’ve been so tempted to do so! I’ll take another few weeks to think about it! These next few weeks are going to be a little mellow, I can tell, so it gives me plenty of time to think if I want to go back to my old crazy, outlandish, outragous, uninhibited slutty whorey self! Geesh, when I put it like that, who wouldn’t want to go back to that! S ounds like a tag line for a new Scary Movie franchise movie! Ha ha!

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